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A busy month!

I’ve had quite a busy month!

I was a guest on the Tiara Talk Podcast as part of a round-table discussion giving a recap of the WDW Radio Dream Cruise, complete with fun anecdotes and tips.  If you want to find out if I’m really Lou Mongello’s brother, just listen to Episode 2.

I also managed to appear on an episode of “See Ya’ Real Late” with Tom Corless of WDW News Today.  We were discussing the new interactive queue at the Haunted Mansion as well as the new Hitchhiking Ghost audioanimatronics and effects. Needless to say, I’m thrilled with the updates.  I think the interactive queue not only gives kids something fun to do while waiting on line, it gives kids a sense of the “fun” side of the Haunted Mansion and sets the tone for the attraction.  I’ve also been a long-time advocate of upgrading the audioanimatronic figures and effects in older attractions, provided that the upgrades don’t change the attraction.  The Imagineers got it right in this instance.

I also attended a Disney Interactive media event in New York City where they previewed three video games.

Lego PotC, Cars 2, P&F

I had a chance to play all three of these games and I honestly couldn’t decide which I liked more.  Each had a different feel to it.  The Lego Pirates of the Caribbean game was just a blast with the fun puzzles and cut scenes that I’ve come to expect from Lego video games.  Cars 2 was a fun, high energy racing game that reminded me of a slick version of Mario Kart.  Phineas and Ferb was a throwback to my favorite classic adventure games from the late 1980’s or early 1990’s, but with a modern twist to it.   I’m going to have to purchase all three once they are released.

Also at the media event, I found out the Disney is celebrating the upcoming royal marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton with the Happily Ever After Contest. While following royal weddings isn’t really my cup of tea, getting a chance to win a free trip to Disney World is.  There are also some great activities for young Princesses to be found on the website, too.

Finally, I wrote an article for The Disney Driven Life giving tips on how to avoid losing your children when vacationing at Disney World.  If I do say so myself, it is well worth your time to read it.

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