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Another reason why Disney Cruise Line is the best!

Disney Cruise Line is the best

I have been saying for years that Disney Cruise Line is the best cruise line out there, especially for families.  I’ve given plenty of reasons for this over the years, but there is a new reason which is too fun not to share:

People are literally jumping off of other cruise ships to get on board Disney cruise ships!

Well, not really.  The Disney Cruise Line Blog reports that a man sailing on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas went overboard and was picked up later by the Disney Magic.  According to the report, he was washed overboard by a giant wave.  Personally, I believe the man just really, really wanted to visit Castaway Cay.

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What about my claim that Disney Cruise Line is the best?

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  1. Fred

    Wow, a man almost dies and you’re making it about Disney? News flash: any cruise line would have done the same. Time to get off the kool aid

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