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Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2014

The entrance to Epcot during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2014


The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is the yearly food-fest that draws huge crowds consisting of both Disney lovers and food lovers!  I’m here with Disney Vacation Planning Advice for attending the Festival.


If you’re looking for loads of pictures of the mouth-watering food, you’ll want to head on over to this review on OurFloridaProject.  You’ll find prices, reviews of the different booths, tastings, and seminars. Just make sure you don’t drool all over your keyboard looking at the pictures.


My advice is going to be pretty simple, and practical:


1. Avoid the Food & Wine Festival on Weekends!  Not only is the Festival usually much more crowded on weekends, but the likelihood of encountering drunken idiots who are trying to drink around the World Showcase increases exponentially.  In addition to raucous behavior which parents do not want their children to witness, these besotted Guests have been known to leave puddles of vomit in public areas.  While there are plenty of Guests who are able to drink around the world and maintain a reasonable level of sobriety, it just isn’t worth going on weekends.  There’s nothing that puts a damper on your magical Disney Vacation like having some drunken woman in her mid forties mistake you for Ray Romano and insist on showing you the tattoo of Donald Duck on her inner thigh.


2.  Have a budget.  If you’re on a Disney Dining Plan decide how many Snack credits you’re going to use at the Festival.  If you’re paying out of pocket, get one of the re-loadable Disney Gift Cards and only spend a pre-set amount.  (Those cards also come with a wristband attached so you can conveniently pay for your purchases without reaching into your wallet.)  Failing to have a budget is a sure way to spend a whole lot more money than you wanted to, and you do not want your Disney souvenir to be five or ten extra lbs around your midsection.


3. Don’t forget about the seminars, demonstrations, and the Eat to the Beat Concert series.  There is a lot of focus on the food available for purchase, but the seminars, etc., can really be the highlights of your trip and are usually well worth the money.  Admittedly, this usually involves planning ahead, but I’m sure you know someone who is an expert at planning Disney Vacations if you don’t want to plan yourself.


4.  Expect to eat on your feet.  There aren’t very many places to sit and eat the food you purchase.  It’s so bad that people have been known to use the top of garbage cans as makeshift tables.  I mean, if you have to eat on top of a garbage can, Disney World is probably the best (cleanest) place to do it, but still… it’s gross.


That’s my advice, short & sweet.

A collage of pictures from the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2014

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