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Frozen Review (Spoiler-free!) and Giveaway!

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Based on everything I’ve seen and heard, Frozen is going to be hot this holiday season.  My good friend Dana from The Dragyn’s Lair was lucky enough to see an advanced screening of the movie and has kindly provided this spoiler-free review for me to share!

  1. Best movie of 2013? Tough to say. It was my favorite movie of 2013 and I’ve seen a lot of movies this year.
  2. The Soundtrack is amazing! Amazing! Soul-stirring amazing! Idina Menzel can sing the pants off anyone! And Kristen Bell was great too. All of the singers were epic. The music had all of the soul of an opera with all of the catchiness of a top 100 single. “Let it Go” is still swirling around in my head and it may be my new anthem.
  3. The Singing is amazing… Now I’m being redundant.
  4. Characters are rich and complex. These characters have depth and back story. They aren’t just princesses or princes. They all have good points and bad points and watching them grow through the movie is fascinating.
  5. Nothing is what it seems… I can’t explain this one without spoiling something. Just be aware.
  6. Buy the merchandise now! Like right now. Like stop reading this and go to the Disney Store because I am willing to bet big money that Frozen toys and merchandise will be the big thing this holiday season. Especially considering the movie has a snow theme! Hello! It screams winter and holidays.
  7. 3D works for snow. How many of you hate 3D movies? Me too! But the 3D works really well in Frozen and you will appreciate it even more when you see the snow and the effects in the movie.
  8. Olaf is really funny. I thought he was going to be an annoying goof. I was wrong. He is a funny and heartwarming goof that fits in perfectly with the story. I am sorry I misjudged him.
  9. “Get a Horse” is a Mickey Mouse short at the beginning before the movie. It is epic. You will want to see it in 3D. It feels like a Disney 4D show.
  10.  I think it’s perfect for all ages but it is rated PG. No really scary moments but they do talk about killing people. Definitely great for parent and kids to view together.

And now… the giveaway!

Frozen Ornaments

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