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Polynesian DVC Villas Deluxe Studio Room

Polynesian DVC Villas

Ah!  Disney Vacation Club… Disney’s “best kept secret.”  Or, as I like to call it, “Disney’s Most Insidious Marketing Ploy.”  Here you are, in the middle of enjoying a dream Disney Vacation, and there they are, telling you how much money you’ll save on your next Disney Vacation by purchasing a timeshare.  You’re already thinking about how much you want to come back next year, but worried about how much it cost you.


But wait!  You can come back soon, and stay at a Deluxe Resort for the cost of a Value Resort!  All you have to do is make a long term financial commitment and the dream of yearly Disney vacations can be yours!  With all the money you’re saving, you won’t need those discounts and offers Disney regularly makes to the masses.  Who needs 35% off the price on your rooms, discounts on theme park tickets, and Free Dining when you can be saving money by locking yourself in to paying thousands of dollars at full price AND constantly increasing annual maintenance fees?


Now I’m sure you came here to look at pictures of the new Polynesian DVC Villas Deluxe Studio Room, and not read my long-winded opinion on whether or not purchasing a DVC membership timeshare can really be considered  “saving money.”  So I’ll get back to the topic at hand.


Polynesian DVC Villas Deluxe Studio


The new Polynesian DVC Villas Deluxe Studio Rooms sleep up to five guests each and feature a kitchenette, “enhanced” storage space for convenience and comfort, and two separate bathroom areas.  One is a full bathroom with a tub/shower…


Polynesian DVC Villas Deluxe Studio Room Full Bathroom


and the other one has a shower and sink…


Polynesian DVC Villas Deluxe Studio Room 2nd Bathroom


Of course, both have toilets.  The two bathrooms is a big plus, especially if you’ve got 5 people sharing the room.

But where does that 5th person sleep? A pull-down armoire bed complete with painted artwork from Lilo & Stitch. Because you have to have Lilo & Stitch if it’s Disney and related to Hawaii.


Polynesian DVC Villas Deluxe Studio Room Pull Down Bed



Overall, these rooms do look great, and I’m sure that DVC members will be excited to stay in them. As for me, I’ll stick with a heavily discounted theme park view room at the normal Polynesian Village Resort.

Want to see more of the Polynesian DVC Villas Deluxe Studio Room?  Check out the video below.


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