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Tasty Tuesday – The “Grey Stuff” at Be Our Guest Restaurant

“Try the Grey Stuff; it’s delicious.  Don’t believe me?  Ask the dishes!”  — Lumiere


As a big fan of Beauty and the Beast, I was thrilled when I heard that Be Our Guest Restaurant in Fantasyland was offering the Grey Stuff as a dessert!  On my most recent trip to Disney World, I was fortunate enough to be able to dine at Be Our Guest Restaurant for both lunch and dinner, and I discovered that this delicious dessert is served differently depending on which meal you have.  I’ll be posting a complete reviews of both lunch and dinner in future blog posts, but for this week’s Tasty Tuesday, I want to tell you about the Grey Stuff!

At lunch, the Grey Stuff comes as part of The Master’s Cupcake, which is chocolate sponge cake with the Grey Stuff as icing.

The Master's Cupcake
The Master’s Cupcake


At dinner, the Grey Stuff is served on top of a rectangular chocolate torte.


The Grey Stuff dessert
The “Grey Stuff” dessert. The Triple Chocolate Cupcake is shown for size comparison, as the Master’s Cupcake is the same size.


The Grey Stuff is garnished with little “pearls” that add a nice crisp texture.  I don’t know what they are, really, but I imagine that they are akin to the chocolate rice crisps embedded in a Nestle Crunch or Hershey Crackle bar.  The Grey Stuff itself tastes very much like a cookies & cream mousse.  It is, indeed, delicious.

If I had to choose between the Master’s Cupcake at lunch or the Grey Stuff at dinner, I would choose the Master’s Cupcake every time.  The chocolate torte, while tasty, is baked individually and has hard edges similar to the edge of a brownie.  (You know what I mean?  Like a brownie from the corner or edge of a tray of brownies.)  Normally, I love that type of chocolate crunchiness.  (I pick the corner brownies whenever I can.)  But the narrow shape of the torte means that cutting into it makes for a crumbly affair, which distracts from the smoothness of the Grey Stuff.  The contrast made the torte seem extra dry.

In contrast, the cake of the Master’s Cupcake is so soft that it just blends smoothly in with each bite of Grey Stuff.  It was complimentary to the Grey Stuff, but the presence of the “pearls” added the necessary texture to make it a superb dessert.  If I had any complaint, it is that you have to eat it with a fork or spoon as it’s near-impossible to unwrap the cupcake!

Have you tried the Grey Stuff?  Leave a comment and tell me what you thought of it!



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  1. Tami @Colorado Mountain Mom

    YUM! We were very excited to see the Grey Stuff available on the lunch menu, on our last trip. Still haven’t snagged a reservation for dinner at BOG yet, so I’m happy that our lunch dessert was apparently just as good (or better!) 🙂

    Fun post!

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