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Disney’s Aladdin as Told by Emoji


I admit I didn’t quite get the whole Emoji thing for a while.  But I’m starting to use them more and more.  And I’m really loving this fun and creative version of Aladdin as Told by Emoji!  Check it out:



The video is the third installment of Disney As Told By Emoji, a new collection of videos that retell popular Disney stories by recasting our favorite characters as emoji living within a mobile phone. The series kicked off in February with Frozen As Told By Emoji and was followed by Tangled As Told By Emoji. Disney As Told By Emoji is just one of the ways Disney Interactive is bringing beloved Disney stories to new platforms for existing fans and new audiences to enjoy.

Fans can join in the fun and send their own Aladdin emoji by downloading Disney Gif, a mobile app that lets users easily send gifs and emojis of their favorite stories and characters via text, email, and other messaging and social platforms. Aladdin gifs and emoji will be coming to the app very soon! Disney Gif also features content from Disney’s “Frozen,” “Star Wars”, Marvel, ABC’s “Scandal,” Disney•Pixar’s “Inside Out,” classic Disney films, and much more. Disney Gif is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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